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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

At Edison Beach

Overcast, but an absolutely beautiful day.
A quick lunch today on the beach south of Edison with my sister and our pup. Lovely day. Perfectly crisp air. Almost-empty beaches. October is beautiful here.

Today is Tuesday, and the tail end of a four-day weekend — the last busy one Montauk will see before Memorial Day next summer. On our short walk back up from Edison Beach, I of course pick up a few "leftovers" presumably left behind by weekend beach goers.

Today's yeild:

1 potato chip bag
+ 1 small piece of plastic coated wire
+ 1 piece of unidentified hard plastic (a beach shovel maybe?)
+ 2 plastic cups
+ 1 plastic knife
Saved today from the Great Atlantic Garbage Patch: 6 pieces of plastic.

Total saved: 35


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