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Saturday, October 16, 2010

'Are you really going to schlep that?'

(This photo snapped by Kat.)
"Are you really going to schlep that back to the house?"

This incredulous question from a friend of the family who is visiting this weekend caught me a little off guard. Not that I'm looking for approval for taking trash up from the beach, but I haven't yet really had to explain myself. Anyone I've encountered on my walks who has commented on me picking up trash has had something semi-encouraging to say. But this friend can at times be a little brusk, and I didn't know what to expect. I stood my ground and simply said "yes," which seems to have been enough, as conversation quickly moved back to the dogs who were running up in the high grass near the dunes.

By the way, isn't Tybee beautiful? She's the friend's dog, and very well behaved. Munchkin, take note.

Today's schlep:

1 piece of Styrofoam packaging
+ 4 plastic caps
+ 1 plastic Barg's bottle
+ 4 unidentified pieces of hard plastic
+ 3 unidentified black plastic circular things
+ 2 unidentified white plastic circular things
+ 3 plastic ties
+ 4 plastic straws
+ 1 plastic lollipop stick
+ 1 plastic permanent marker (doesn't mark anymore)
+ 2 plastic bags
+ 2 plastic forks + 1 piece of another plastic utensil
+ 1 plasticy Billabong beach-umbrella cover
And 1 mini Coca-Cola bottle, which I will be returning for deposit:
+ 5 cents to me.

Saved today from the Great Atlantic Garbage Patch: 30 pieces of plastic.

Total saved: 189


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