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Saturday, November 6, 2010

I grew something!

Azalea is blooming!
I got an azalea for my birthday back in May. I don't really do house plants, mostly because I've been moving a lot over the past couple years and plants are hard to move. And the mint plant I had brought back from the Hollywood farmers' market was quickly adopted by my roommate at the time who, with good reason, was afraid if she didn't water it that it would die. 

She assumed the same with the birthday azalea, and it promptly shriveled with the deadly combination of too much water and too much direct sunshine. And it's been barely breathing ever since.

I thought I would kill it when I moved in August, but it survived — though it was still very scraggly-looking. I decided to bring it to Montauk with me to see if I could nurse it back to health, and, look, a bloom! I leave Montauk today to head back to my parents' house in South Carolina for the holidays, so hopefully the ride home won't stress it too much. Yay for growing things!


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